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ZAİMOĞLU Shipping Co. Inc.

Since 1960
Saving time, minimizing costs, maximizing profits

ZAİMOĞLU Shipping Co. Inc.

ZAİMOĞLU Shipping Co.Inc. was founded in 1960 in Istanbul by Mr. Ömer Zaimoglu a prominent figure of the Turkish Shipping world from whom we have learned and based our values, trust, dedication and first class customer care.
Having been active in the sector for so long we are specialized on all type of vessels and cargoes and serve our customers in all Turkish Ports and Straits.
Zaimoglu is representing worldwide first class companies and is committed to the professional representation of its clients operational interest in our waters.
Our key to success lies in providing the right solutions to our clients with trustworthiness and professionalism at the most competitive rate.

Agency Services at all Turkish ports

Port Agency
We serve all Turkish Ports
and terminals.

Transit Agency
Difficult and challenging

Shipyard Agency
We serve vessels at shipyards
in Tuzla and Yalova areas.

Protective Agency
In need to appoint a
Protecting Agent.

Husbandry Services
Shipowners, Operators and Masters need
a reliable hand.

We deliver worldwide fast and
efficient logistics.

Our Mission

rezzan batuk

Zaimoğlu Shipping Co.Inc. is committed to the professional representation of its clients, meeting the customers ever changing  transport needs.
We are dedicated to balancing exclusive service and savings while ensuring quality and trustworthiness. Our commitment to serve our customers is based on a long-life experience and a successful cooperation with shipping companies, all over the world.
Our Mission is primarily Customer’s Satisfaction, Employees happiness and to Contribute to Shipping Industry as World Class Standard Shipping Agency Company.

Our Motto

sureyya zaimoglu

  • Reliability and trustworthiness with the most attractive rates
  • Reliability meeting our commitments
  • Perfect knowledge of procedures and customs transactions
  • Full expertise in shipping and handling operations
  • Know-How in preparing all necessary documentation
  • Accurate global expertise and knowledge
  • Discretion and confidentiality
  • Customized services to suit our customer’s specific needs
  • Quality service
  • Trust, dedication and first-class customer care
  • Reliable business partnership in Turkey
  • Saving time, minimizing costs, maximizing profits

Head office

ZAİMOĞLU Shipping Co. Inc.

Your questions and inquiries are important to us:
please contact us for any information you may require.

Mecidiyeköy Mah. Musa Dayı Sokak Çamlıca İş Merkezi - No.3 İç Kapı No.11 - 34382 Şişli - İstanbul - Turkey

+90 212 2301766 - +90 212 2315907

+90 532 3124728

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