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Agency Services at all Turkish ports

Port Agency
With our dedicated employees and know-how in handling port operations we serve all Turkish Ports and terminals. Our commitment to excellence is present in all our operational services and we respond quickly to our clients needs and provides exclusive solutions at the most competitive rates.
The key to our success is that Zaimoğlu conducts its services and executes its duties in the most sensitive manner and offer customized services to suit clients specific needs . We are constantly focused on delivering quality service as per industry international standards.

Transit Agency
The Turkish Straits are international waters and are one of the most difficult and challenging seaways in the world to navigate in respect of geography, coastal population and traffic density.
Although The Turkish Straits are international waters with unconditional passage for commercial vessels, due to increased tonnages and ship lengths transitting from the straits additional rules and regulations have been imposed by the Ministry of Transport, Marine and Communication. The rules are applied by VTS Turkish Straits Vessel Traffic Services and Master’s are to follow their clear instructions.
Thus, we are watching both Çanakkale and Istanbul Straits round o’clock and provide accurate information to Masters, Owners and Charterers arranging safe and smooth passages to all type of vessels.

Shipyard Agency
Zaimoğlu serve vessels at shipyards in Tuzla and Yalova areas. We are very much aware that Shipyard agency requires a different type of service, hard work and full attendance. We assist technical managers in choosing the correct and most economical suppliers and workshops while preserving the quality for which the Turkish yards are famous for.We keep very close relations with the shipyards to accommodate vessels needs in a promptly manner and have very wide connections with workshops in order to provide best service in the most economical way.

Protective Agency
Owners or operators are sometime in need to appoint a Protecting Agent with whom they have established a long term and trustworthy relationship to supervise and inspect the operation carried out by the Charterer’s agent during vessel stay at port.  Starting from accurate information about port restrictions, congestion, verification of pro forma disbursement, attendance on owner’s matters during vessel stay and making sure that documentation is done properly and correct information is submitted to all parties.

Husbandry Services
Shipowners, Operators and Masters need a reliable hand during their vesselscalls and transit passages from Turkish Straits. Zaimoglu Shipping is fully committed to serve and protect vessels, owners and operators interest while giving the best service at the most competitive price.

  • Crew Change & Attendance
  • Medical Assistance
  • Custom Clearance & Spare Part Delivery
  • Cash to Master’s
  • Bunker & Fresh Water Supply
  • Attendance for Repair & Technical Assistance
  • Delivery of Provisions
  • Des lopping & Garbage Disposal
  • Inspections & Consultancy
  • Legal Advise

Zaimoglu Shipping delivers worldwide fast and efficient logistics support by road, railway and air freight. We specialize in managing the shipment process, coordinating things so that products end up where they need to be in as efficiently as possible.
We also provide our customers with cost advantages and safe transportation for heavy tonnage and out-of-gauge shipments by road and railway.

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